Question: I think you've ever eaten pistachio Staff., What do you think about pistachios?

Answer: The pistachio of Rafsanjan ?! That tastes good !

Question: Just like the UK, USA, Germany, India, and all those other sections have a lot of sub-sections with their cities, imagine if a category called "Iran" was created like that too. Which cities would be included then in your opinion?

Answer: Khomein Khameneh Araadan Rafsanjan And Larijan (city of 4 nokhale) - Thanks Saj :)) Ba arze mazerat az mardome in shahr ha Just joking ;)

Question: this is a muslim child name.

Answer: A name derived from the province or city where a person live e.g Rafsanjan- rafsanjani, Shahristan- Shahristani, America- Americani etc.... This is the way, Arabs relate people to there places of origin.


Answer: Iraq: Asia Cell Telecommunications Company Ltd GSM 900 Atheer Telecom Iraq (mtc atheer) GSM 900 Korek Telecom Ltd. GSM 900 Orascom Telecom Iraq Corporation (IRAQNA) GSM 900 SanaTel GSM 900 Iran: Irancell Telecommunications Services Company (MTN IRANCELL) GSM 900/1800 KFZO (TKC) GSM 900 MCI GSM 900/1800 Mobile Telecommunications Company of Esfahan (MTCE) GSM 900 Rafsanjan Industrial Complex (Coop) (Taliya) GSM 900


Answer: You can send sms to the rest of the world if your phone has the GSM capability. All this info is in your cellphone package. It all depends on your network is a GSM carrier. I'd suggest you get your cellphone service from one of these networks in Iran 1.KFZO (TKC) GSM 900 2.MCI GSM 900/1800 3.Mobile Telecommunications Company of Esfahan (MTCE)GSM 900 4.Rafsanjan Industrial Complex (Coop) (Taliya) GSM 900 I'd suggest you take the MCI network cos it can switch in both 900/1800 bands. Did I answer your question? So I guess I should win the best answer right.


Answer: Baha’i World News Service– A recent wave of arson attacks on Baha’i-owned businesses in Rafsanjan, Iran, appears to be part of a campaign to fracture relationships between Baha’is and Muslims in the city. After around a dozen attacks on shops – carried out since 25 October 2010 – some 20 Baha’i homes and businesses have been sent a warning letter addressed to “members of the misguided Bahaist sect.” The anonymous document demands that Baha’is sign an undertaking to “refrain from forming contacts or friendships with Muslims” and from “using or hiring Muslim trainees.” The Baha’is are also told not to teach their Faith, including on the Internet. Should the conditions be accepted by the recipients, the letter states, “we will guarantee not to wage any attack on your life and properties.” “For more than two months now, innocent Baha’is have been having their businesses fire-bombed,” said Diane Ala’i, the Baha’i International Community representative to the United Nations in Geneva. “Some of them have suffered more than one arson attack on their properties.” Wreckage in a Baha’i-owned stationery shop, after an attack by unknown arsonists on 22 November, 2010. The interior of a home appliance sales and repair shop, owned by a Baha’i in Rafsanjan, after an arson attack on 15 November. Damage exceeding tens of thousands… “Now, in addition to their livelihoods, their very lives are being threatened unless they promise to isolate themselves from their friends and neighbours,” she said. “What are the perpetrators of such attacks and threats hoping to achieve?” asked Ms. Ala’i. “All it demonstrates for the whole world to see is the religiously motivated hatred being fomented by certain elements in Iranian society.” Ms. Ala’i noted that Baha’is have approached local authorities asking for an investigation. “But nothing has been done,” she said. “Unbelievably, they’ve even been accused by some of starting the fires themselves, under instruction from foreign governments.” They have been the object of a sustained hate-campaign sponsored by the government, and also by anti-Baha'i organisations, and they are themselves censored so that people find it difficult to learn the truth about the Baha'is. Anti-Baha'ism is to Iranian politics what anti-semitism was to French, Italian and German politics in the 1930s. Recently, anti-Baha'ism and anti-semitism have been fused, as it is increasingly claimed that Baha'is are "really" Jews (which is not true of course, Baha'is are not Jews, but Baha'is do condemn anti-semitism). see a recent news report from the Jerusalem Post: an answer to media attacks from the Bahai community" and an interview with the author of a recent book on anti-bahaism in Iran:

Question: I need a spiritual corelation.

Answer: This is not a chat room

Question: Iran Rafsanjan Co., Rafsanjan City, Iran has taken a marine insurance policy No. VB/84/3629/29 dated 20th December, 2005 from Albroz Insurance Co., Kerman City, Iran for the import of 500 tractor gears from Apex Products (India) Ltd., Delhi. The exporter shipped the cargo on board vessel — SEEMA on 26th December, 2005 for Bandar Abbas Port of Iran. As per the letter of credit condition, the exporter was required to fax the shipment details to Albroz Insurance Company within 24 hours of the shipment. However, the exporter could not fax such details due to change in telephone (fax) number of the insurance company. Draft an express telegram to intimate shipment details.

Answer: This sounds like a college assignment? When you send a telegram, you pay for each word you use, so telegrams only use the important words. As there is no envelope for you to write the address on, the address starts the telegram. Because there is no punctuation, the word Stop is used to show the end of a sentence. So in a letter, addressed to Dr James Adams, Head of English Department, Anglia University, 25 Hall Lane, London SW13 4FT, you might say: Dear Dr Adams, I regret to inform you that I am unable to attend the conference. Unfortunately, my mother is ill and I am unable to leave her. Yours sincerely, George Wilson But in a telegram, you would say: ADAMS ANGLIA UNIVERSITY LONDON STOP REGRET UNABLE ATTEND CONFERENCE STOP MOTHER ILL STOP WILSON In this case (the insurance question above) you need to decide the important parts of the words you need to say. Perhaps something like: ALBROZ INSURANCE KERMAN CITY IRAN STOP RE MARINE POLICY VB/84/3629/29 APEX PRODUCTS 500 TRACTOR GEARS STOP CARGO SHIPPED VESSEL SEEMA 26 DECEMBER BANDAR ABBAS STOP UNABLE FAX DUE TO NUMBER CHANGE STOP IRAN RAFSANJAN

Question: iran rafsanjan co,,rafsanjan city iran has taken a marine insurance policy no.

Answer: Where is the question ?

Question: Alone rafsanjan gay boy.

Answer: No..ofcourse not... I am sooory that everyone is making fun of u... But i really hope u find someone...theres gotta be more like u in Iran..u just havent found them... Best of Luck! And dont loose hope!