Question: and how do they make each and every chip so perfectly shaped?

Answer: Pringles potato chips are made from dehydrated and flaked potatoes. How are Pringles made? We're glad you noticed that Pringles are shaped differently and taste different. While Pringles contain the same basic ingredients found in other chip products, we take a totally radical approach to the way we mix our ingredients. We buy potatoes in the form of potato flakes and then add just enough water and other wholesome ingredients to make a smooth potato dough. The dough is cut in uniform shapes and these cut-outs are placed on pre-formed and Pringles-shaped carriers. The crisps are quick-fried and seasoned just right. Finally, they go to the stack-packer and then on to your favorite store. Hope this answered your questions. :]


Answer: Pringles are manufactured by Proctor and Gamble, one of the worst animal testing companies. So next time you want to buy pringles, think of the animals used in cruel experiments and testing. Most people dont know how many products P&G owns.


Answer: Most Pringles products do contain gluten, Zami, due to the high amount of wheat in their products. However, Lays Stax (a similar alternative) does NOT have gluten. Here is a list of all of their gluten free products... Also, I have copied and pasted this excerpt straight from the Pringles website under their Frequently Asked Questions section: Gluten free Pringles Published 10/16/2002 04:48 PM | Updated 03/08/2011 01:38 PM Are Pringles Gluten Free? Most Pringles versions contain gluten. "Wheat" is called out on the label in the ingredient listing. Currently, a couple Fat Free Pringles are gluten free: Original and Sour Cream & Onion. Please always refer to the label's ingredient listing for the most up-to-date information.

Question: Which one do you think is better.

Answer: Pringles, duh. They have more flavors (i think) and their mascot is wayyy cuter...Its a chipmunk or something with a mustache--undeniable! Their logo is more snazzy and the stax can looks like it was made in the 1960's...OUTDATED! Plus pringles tastes better than the stax.

Question: i like the pizza flavored ones. and if you could invent a new flavor, what would it be? mines would be chicken flavored haha

Answer: Pickle flavoured Pringles! I love how the vinegar burns my mouth, lol. If I could invent a flavour............... how about mustard flavoured Pringles? They have the ketchup kind already!! Have you had it before? Was it good? Maybe they could create a french fried flavour, maybe even a vegetarian kind of Pringle! I could go for a carrot-tasting kind. haha! What about................................. a chocolate chip kind of Pringle? Instead of a salty potato chip, they could keep the same shape and make a really thin sugary tasting kind with small chocolate chips sprinkled throughout. Or maybe a sugar cookie Pringle. I am totally spit balling here. Majorly good ideas right?

Question: I feel sick, I've just ate a tube of Chilli Pringles and a Share size bag of Chilli Heatwave Dorito's. I can't think which I liked most.

Answer: PRINGLES <3 1) They're in a BIG cool shaped tube (instead of an old bag) 2) All Flavours are taste gooood :D (i <3 chilli doritos, but hate other flavours) 3) They're not thick, so you can eat 5 in 1 go, & you wont spend 4eva eating them (i should know) 4) They don't run out easily (but , neither do doritos) 5) You get them in different sizes & colours (the packaging that is) 6) The logo's wayyyyy better than doritos 7) You can have pringles as cracker sticks & pizza flavourings 8) Youu can fit a cat in the tube XD (i noo ,, randomm BUT ,, Doriots Are Good too ,, <3 Pringles <3

Question: recently got the toothache, my dentist appointment is next week so in the meantime, can't do much about it but suffer! people suggested clove oil, told me that could relife the pain, temporarily. it did relief some pain, but not much. Accidentally discovered that the Pringle crisps could ease the pain, almost compeletly and it will only takes few minutes of chowing!!! Anybody knows why? btw the pringle crisps that I hav been eating is particularly the 'smoky bacon' one, dunno if this also contribute to pringle's magical effect?

Answer: Hello maybe when you are eating the crisps, they stick to your teeth and are covering up something( a hole or flaw or crack) that soothes the ache for a while. I normally take Nurofen+ for toothache, but never take on an empty tummy, always eat a meal first, or a tube of Pringles as they are harsh on your tummy lining. I know Pringles always get stuck on my teeth , kind of coat them. Hope you get your tooth sorted ok and happy pringle eating.

Question: help me plz!!

Answer: According to the patent, Pringles were invented by Alexander Liepa of Montgomery, Ohio. Gene Wolfe developed the machine that cooks them; the dough making and rolling portion was designed by Len Hooper. Pringles are especially known for their packaging (invented by Fred Baur), which consists of an upright tubular can with a foil-coated interior, and a resealable plastic lid; it also has a famous logo, a stylized representation of a man with a large moustache and parted bangs (until 2001, the man, commonly known as "Julius Pringles", had eyebrows and his bowtie housed the product name.) The crisps are made to a uniform size and saddle shape, so that they stack very efficiently within the container, rather than being packaged loosely in a bag.

Question: Recently they have begun advertising Whole wheat Pringles (Potato Chips)... HOW DO YOU GET WHOLE WHEAT POTATOES?!?!? That is my question.

Answer: Pringles aren't potato chips, but potato "crisps." They add in other things to the potato meal to create Pringles. Please read the ingredient label.

Question: how many chips are in a can of pringles..

Answer: Pringles cans come in several sizes, from snack size to a regular size, on up to king size. They come in different sizes in different countries. Assuming you have the most common size which is 6oz (though more recently they seem to be 5 3/4 oz.) you most likely have about 84-90 chips (or crisps, as they like to call Pringles.) The exact amount of crisps will vary per can, but you can do the math yourself by taking the number of chips in a serving size and multiplying by the amount of servings in a can. This will be an estimate.