Question: i know the whole secret behind "ask jud", and im trying to trick my mom, but when i put in the petition, and put a colon at the end, it leave a space between the colon and the word, which makes it not work. what do i do?

Answer: It's a prank website. The pranker types. IN the petition box they type a '.' and then the answer (that will freak the viewer out) when they finish typing the answer they type another '.' However, the answer does not appear on the screen, simply the phrase 'jud please ask the following' After they have used the '.' to signify the end of the answer, continue typing the end of the phrase 'Jud, please answer the following:' They then ask the quetion, and the answer they secretly typed in the box above appears Magic.

Question: What does ask Jud do? What is the purpose? how does it work?? I've always been wondering that because everyone at school goes on it.. So if someone could pleae answer this question..

Answer: It's some sort of internet tarot thing, it says, but it's a prank - it's silly. It's not really anything special, just some fancy computer programming at work. Here's a pretty in depth explanation of how it works: What it is, is a way you can prank some body. You go to the site and have a crowd around you and you tell them some spooky story about how when you Ask Jud a question, he knows every answer... ooh, spooky. There is a secret to how to type the question... instead of doing it like the site suggests, the person behind the prank secretly types a period, and then while their friends ask a question - "What's my middle name?" etc. - you, the person pranking them, simply type in the answer. But the cleverly programmed site makes it look like you typed the question instead. So then it knows the answer :P It's explained better on the link I gave you.

Question: My brother did it, and you type in a question and it says the correct answer. Like, I typed in What color is my shirt, and it said white, which was correct, but no i went on there and it isn't doing anything, it says No COMMENT

Answer: thats because the person who is typing in the question can make it answer correctly, there is a trick to it and you don't know how thats why it wasn't doing anything. I will tell u what to do but it is confusing. at the top where it says type your pettion, type: . thats right type a dot, then type in the answer to the question then type another dot. when they are typing in the answer it looks like they r typing jud please answer but they aren't the computer is typing that. yes it is confusing but the point is that they are making it say the right answer, so get your brother to ask it a question he can't answer and when he gets it wrong thats your proof.


Answer: jud, please answer the following: although it doesnt really work. you actually type in the answer to shock/amaze your friends or w/e lol... for example, you begin with... " . "(type the answer to your question here) " . " (then type the rest of the phrase that's left from "jud,please answer the following: " then you ask the question n whatever you typed shows up as the answer. hope this helps! :]

Question: my sisters showed me ask jud and it worked on every single question. Now how is that possible?? Is there a trick or something?

Answer: Yes, there is a trick. Instead of typing a long answer, I will give you a link that explains it all. Here you go! Here is another link so that you can compare notes

Question: Okay, I at my friends house and we got bored so we decided to go on Ask Jud. It says my questions are bogus so I had my friend ask every question. And he got it right. Like What am I going to get for christmas? Choco uggs What is my dogs name? Brutus etc........... He got over like 20 questions right and he says Im going to die in 7 days. Im IS ASK JUD REAL??????????????????

Answer: this is similar to ask peter- basically your friend typed in the answer, but a script made it look like he wasn't typing in the answer (in the petition). For more details see:

Question: does anyone know the story of pimienta pancakes by o. henry? i dont really understand it. explaining would be good. kk thnxx <3

Answer: Jud is the camp cook for cowmen (hired hands - from a ranch - who tend cattle, a lot of their duties are done on horseback). One of the hired hands is injured and can't do his work, so he asks Jud to make him pancakes. At first Jud thinks he's poking fun at him, but, when he realizes he's not, Jud tells him his pancake story. One day, Judd (who was then working as a cowpunch or cowboy) decided he wanted to eat some canned food - anything other than the food cowboys usually ate like mutton and beef. To get this canned food, he goes to Pimienta Crossing where Emsley's store is situated (in the old west, those stores would have just about everything from canned goods to bolts of cloth). While he's in the store, he sees a young woman, finds out she's Emsley's niece Willella, and meets her. From then on they start what we might call "dating" today. Jud sees her as often as he can. It would be a form of courting, with the intention to end in marriage. One day Willella is not there, and Jud is told she is out riding (i.e., like another date) with a different man. This man, was a sheepman named Jackson Bird. Jud threatens to kill Jackson if he doesn't leave his girl alone. Jackson tells Jud that he's not courting Willella, but trying to get her pancake recipe. He says it's a family recipe she won't give out, but he's still trying to get it. He then tells Judd that if he could only get that recipe, he'd never see Willella again. Judd agrees to try to get the recipe from Willella. However, Jackson IS really courting Willella and tells Emsley and she that Jud has an injury that sometimes causes him to go wild and rant about pancakes. Jud is completely fooled until he rides into Pimienta Crossing to find that Willella and Jackson have gotten married and are on their honeymoon. That's the basic story. You can read it You may have been thrown off by certain expressions with which you are unfamiliar. I'd recommend you read it again and see if it doesn't make sense. Though it's not my favorite O. Henry story, it's still good.

Question: Ive seen this web-site called ask jud, and the person who showed it to me, said to stand behind him. He asked who was behind him, and it said "Chris" and thats my name!! I tryed this web-site when i got home, but all it keep saying was absolute crap! It kept saying stuff like, "Go away im bored", "Dont go to sleep while typing" and "Ask someone else" Why does this guy hate me? :(

Answer: u r doing it wrong. type in ask jud on google, it comes up with this thing about wikihow, this tells u how to do it. ur friend tricked u!

Question: Can You Please Tell Me How It Works I Can't Figure It Out

Answer: This explains it all in a pretty simple way. Good luck

Question: Hey people. I need help creating a chant for my house team, in high school :) Needs in it - Judson (our team name) - no swearing - not heaps of words - short but fun - something that we can repeat thank youu xx thanks for the help. Thats awesome :)

Answer: JUD-SON -- we're the best! JUD-SON -- skrew the rest! (OK, you find a word that suits you :) JUD-SON -- pass the test! JUD-SON -- never rest! [return to first line] This can be done as leader/response or as a "round" with half the squad chanting JUD-SON and the other half chanting the rhyme. Leader: JUD-SON Squad: JUD-SON Leader: JUD-SON Squad: JUD-SON Leader: JUD-SON Squad: JUD-SON Leader: JUD-SON, way to go Squad: JUD-SON, way to go Leader: gonna win, we all know Squad: gonna win, we all know Leader: JUD-SON, WAY TO GO Squad: JUD-SON, WAY TO GO or Leader: GO, GO!! WAY TO GO Squad: GO, GO!! WAY TO GO or Leader: JUD-SON, WAY TO GO Squad: JUD-SON, WAY TO GO All: GO, GO!! WAY TO GO All: GO, GO!! WAY TO GO If chosen and used, a team photo would be a nice thank-you.